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The New Balance Greater Manchester Cricket League | Est 2016 | an accredited ECB Premier League




GMCL Competitions - Division 4 North


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DIVISIONAL PLACINGS are determined on
1) Highest Aggregate Points and if equal then by 2) the team having the most outright (5 & 6 point) wins and if still equal then by 3) the higher NRR (Net Run Rate)
except where detailed below

DIVISION CHAMPIONS: The team having the highest aggregate points in the division at the end of the season shall be considered the Champions of the Division.
Should there be teams at the top with equal points, placings will be determined as above except that Net Run Rate (NRR) is not taken into account to determine Division Winners.
Therefore should teams have equal points and an equal number of wins they will be joint champions.

PROMOTED OUT FOR NEXT SEASON: At the end of this season there will be 1 team promoted to the division above from each Division 4, with the team's position in the table determined as per the Divisional placings rule unless any of those teams will not meet the ground standards or any ECB requirements for the division above, in which case the next highest placed team meeting those standards will be promoted.  

RELEGATED IN FOR NEXT SEASON: 5 teams will be relegated in to the Division 4 tier from the single division above.

NEW TEAM JOINING: There will be one new 2nd XI team joining the tier.

RELEGATED OUT FOR NEXT SEASON: 3 teams in the lowest divisional placings as determined by the Divisional Placings Rule will be relegated from each Division 4 unless any club in the division has failed to meet the required ground standard for the current division or any ECB requirements in which case that team will be relegated taking the place of the highest placed of the lowest points ranked teams. Across the Tier, 9 teams will be relegated to Divisions 5.

PROMOTED IN FOR NEXT SEASON: 6 teams will be promoted in to the Divisions 4 from the Divisions 5 below.

This season there are 36 teams in the tier, next season there will be 36 - 3 + 5 + 1 - 9 + 6 =  36 = 3 regionalised divisions of 12 teams barring unexpected withdrawals.