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GMCL Rules - Joining the League


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Reviewed and Updated Feb 2024



Joining the League

(e-mail ExecLead@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk)


This section of the rules details how clubs can join the competition as full members or add teams. GMCL will work to support the County Federations, The League Cricket Conference and the National Governing Body regulations regarding the movement of league clubs.


GMCL Requirements for joining or adding teams


GMCL is open to Clubs in and around Greater Manchester

Joining GMCL – The Board will accept new teams meeting requirements

From current member clubs, from a new member club or from clubs in other leagues for our Sunday competition including Third XI and Fourth teams from or from member clubs or clubs in other senior leagues adding junior teams to GMCL competition.


Grounds and Facilities Requirement

Joining GMCL - Verification of Available Ground

All teams registering for the competition must have a ground available that has changing facilities, tea-room facilities and a suitably cut and managed square which meet the league’s minimum standard and, if they do not own their own ground, an agreement in place at October 31st prior to the season that the ground is available, and paid for, for the season ahead.

The Board do not supply a venue for any club or team - If you require assistance with locating a venue, please e-mail enquiries@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk, we do not guarantee finding a ground for any club.

Joining GMCL - Standard of Ground
(This section updated Winter 23/24)

GMCL has a Ground and Facilities standard requirements document

This document will be used to assess all clubs wishing to join the league and the tier at which a club can be placed is dependent on the standard of ground set by the document


Barriers to Acceptance

Joining GMCL - Ground Suitability

The Board has the right to refuse applications where the club is unable to verify the availability of a ground and facilities for the duration of the season for which application has been submitted (that includes lease, ownership or rental agreements and confirmation that the financial requirements have been met).

The Board will refuse entry where the ground does not meet our required minimum standard

Joining GMCL - Good Standing

GMCL has the right to refuse applications, where clubs, their administrators or their coaching staff are banned from competing by County or National Governing Bodies or have debts or unpaid charges involving other clubs, other leagues or cricket Governing Bodies.

Joining GMCL - Large movement of players

GMCL will refuse applications where players, administrators or coaching staff have moved in numbers from an existing club, from any league, without that club’s agreement and where that movement puts the participation or the existence of that club in jeopardy.


Procedure & Relevant Dates for joining GMCL


Joining GMCL - Registering interest or asking questions

Clubs are requested to register interest or request further information in advance of any application

by e-mail to ExecLead@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk

GMCL should be notified of your interest or intention to join at the earliest possible date to allow the league to prepare the structure for the season ahead.


Joining GMCL - Relevant Dates for Registrations

Joining GMCL - 1st relevant date: 31st March, 12 months prior to the joining season

for example by 31st March 2024 for season 2025.

If the applying club wishes the Board to consider placing 1st & 2nd XI higher than our lowest tier then formal application should be sent by e-mail headed “New 1st XI / 2nd XI application” to ExecLead@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk by the first relevant date.

In order to place clubs in our structure, GMCL previously used our tables on all old leagues and comparative performance but this is now superseded by our comparison of the current league and knowledge of clubs in GMCL competition and taking performance and standard of ground & facilities.

The Board cannot guarantee any calculated placement where to make that placement would, in the Board’s view, inappropriately disrupt the current structure.

The Board requires that any club making a formal application must have notified their current league of their application to be considered for membership of GMCL.

Joining GMCL - 2nd relevant date: 30th June in season prior to joining

Usual final date for resignation from current league under League Cricket Conference agreement and we cannot stop applications from any club by this date,

This may be 31st July in some leagues

Resignation by this date, if accepted, will leave the club free to move for the season following

Whilst acceptance of new applications will be given in advance, GMCL will require evidence of your resignation before formally accepting any membership application in writing

Joining GMCL - 3rd relevant date: 31st October prior to season

Formal application to add a 1st XI and/or 2nd XI where placement based on past performance is not possible or not required to take a place in our lowest tier should be sent by e-mail headed “New 1st XI / 2nd XI application” to club-director@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk

Formal applications to enter a Third XI or Fourth XI in the GMCL Sunday Competition should be sent by e-mail headed “New Third XI Team / Fourth XI Team” to enquiries@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk

Joining GMCL - 4th relevant date: 31st December prior to season:

For junior teams, applications should be sent by e-mail headed “New Junior Team” juniors@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk

This date is subject to movement to take into account the annual fluctuations in the availability of players


Joining GMCL - Clubs stranded after the movement of other clubs in their league

Joining GMCL - Clubs left stranded can be accepted into GMCL without hindrance,

club officials should e-mail ExecLead@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk Subject: “Application to join league for “XXXX season” at the earliest possible opportunity and provide details, to allow the Executive to make preparations for the divisional structure for the season ahead.


Joining GMCL - Procedure for an Application to join the League

A club should contact The Board by e-mail as soon as they are ready to go ahead and make an application.

The club, via a senior club official cc’d with two other officials should e-mail ExecLead@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk Subject: “URGENT Formal Application to join GMCL”

The league will acknowledge within 48 hours

The Board will consider the application within 48 hours of the acknowledgement and contact the applicant to make arrangements to meet.


Joining GMCL - Deposits Required from New Clubs

At the Board’s discretion, deposits must be paid by clubs upon acceptance into the league, as follows

Clubs new to GMCL £500

3rd XIs from clubs playing in other leagues applying to join GMCL for the first time £250

Club default

Where there is any default in failing to play fixtures then the deposit will be used to reimburse the expenditure of any club suffering loss due to the default.

Total withdrawal of a team by any club (not limited to those above) after preparation of the season’s fixtures and prior to the end of that season's fixtures will result in a £250 penalty in addition to any other penalty imposed.

Refunding the Deposit
(This section updated Winter 23/24)

Any remaining deposit after deductions will be refunded at the completion of the first season.