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GMCL Scorer's Page New

Thank you for taking on the role of scorer at your club and thanks for coming to this page on our web site. 

Maybe its your first time scoring or maybe you have been doing it for years but electronic scoring is here to stay and we now have many scorers in the league who have never scored with pen and paper so we hope the information here will help you with

  • your preparation for match day,
  • Activating cricHQ on your Device
  • guide you through using our cricHQ scoring app to set up your game,
  • guide you through entering the teams and then
  • scoring the match ball by ball
  • how to deal with errors and corrections

We are also setting up a scorers community and you can join us by e-mailing us on scorer@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk giving your name and club and we will use this to share tips and guides and updates when they come along and we can also use it to manage questions and solve problems. Please join us.

We would like to thank Paul Scott for many of the words here and would welcome more content from regular scorers across the league using the e-mail address shown.

Preparing for the Match

Preparation before the match is vital – it is better to over-prepare than be rushing around and panicking as the players take the field to start the match. Much of this preparation can be done before leaving home, or even in the days before the match.

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League and cup games in GMCL require that both scorers are connected live to the internet so that the live score and match detail is visible to everyone through the league’s web site and the cricHQ app. This is not just a requirement for the home team scorer, it is a requirement for both scorers.


Some grounds do not have wi-fi in the scorebox therefore you should, in advance of match day, ensure that your device has access to 3G or 4G mobile data through the device itself or from a mobile phone hotspot available to you.  There is no requirement for the home club to provide you with a connection but if ther is wi-fi to the scorebox please share it with your fellow scorer..




On the evening before the match, make sure that the device you are using (e.g. phone, iPad, tablet) is fully charged. It is always a good idea to take your charger to the game, and a mobile “power pack” in case there is no electric supply to the scorebox.

Check the weather forecast – matches can last over 6 hours, which can be a long time if you are cold. You can always take off a coat or spare jumper but cannot put one on that you haven’t got with you.


Many, but not all, clubs will provide drinks to the scorers along with the players but take your own just in case.




Ensure that the device that you will be scoring on has the cricHQ app downloaded from the Apple Store or Play Store on Android.

Ensure that the device on which you will be scoring has the up-to-date version of cricHQ installed.

Log in to the device using the clubs account provided to you or your own personal e-mail.

If you have not scored before please make sure that the club have set you up as an Administrator for the club or for the team you are scoring for.

If possible, obtain the playing squad for your club’s team for the match as soon as possible – request that the Captain sends it to you when the team is selected.

Firstly, check on cricHQ that all players in your club’s team squad are registered to the club and also allocated to the relevant team you are scoring for. If you have “Admin” rights you can make amendments yourself; if not, find out who at the club can do this for you.

Make sure you know the correct time/place of meeting (away games) or arrange a lift. For home matches check the start time and ensure you arrive in plenty of time, we would recommend 30 minutes preparation for the game.

If travelling separately to away grounds, make sure you plan the journey – some Cricket Grounds do not have accurate locations on Satnav.


When you arrive at the ground, your team’s captain may ask you to complete the ECB Team Card (some captains will do this themselves). If you are asked, check that you have the correct team and hand the card to the captain before the toss, which usually takes place 30 minutes before the match starts. The captain has to give this to the umpire's.

If you are playing at home, you may need to set up the scoreboard/box and ensure everything is in working order

If you use the club’s Wi-Fi connection for scoring, ensure it is working and please share the password with the visiting scorer wherever possible.




Activating cricHQ and Preparing to score

Download the match onto your device from cricHQ if you have not already done it. 

From the menu>scoring> + (bottom right of screen)>From cricHQ fixture> find your match>select  

If you do not have the fixture you require it means one of the following:

  • You are not a club administrator of the club you want to score for and therefore are not able to access the fixtures. Please contact your CricHQ club  administrator who will be able to add you as one.
  • The fixture has not been added. Please contact your CricHQ club administrator who will be able to add the fixture.
  • You are not connected to the Internet. In order to download a fixture you do need to be connected to the Internet.





Enter the players for both teams – the umpires must share the team cards with both scorers before the game if you ask them.

  • If any players are not shown on cricHQ, you will need to add them to the match from the club squad. This should not happen if the preparation is done correctly by both scorers but occasionally players are added late to teams.
  • Some players may already be registered with the club, but not the team, and you can add these to the match.
  • Other players may not be registered with the club. These players cannot be added to the game until they personally register with cricHQ and pay the appropriate fee. Players not registered with their club on cricHQ cannot play in the game and the captain and umpires should be notified.
  • Make sure you tick the player that is captain and the player that is the wicket keeper.


Add details of match officials (umpires, scorers) and result of the toss, and you’re ready to start scoring.




Shortly before the scheduled start time you should select “Start innings” and enter the opening batsmen and bowler

If the start of the match if delayed (weather, ground), you will need to reduce the overs.

  • This can only be done once you have pressed “start innings” and put in the batsmen and bowler.
  • Press “action”> “add match delay”>”grounds” or “weather”.
  • This shows anyone looking for the game on cricHQ or the internet that the game is live but delayed

Shortly before any restart you will be notified by the umpires of the overs lost.

  • Press “resume match”>”overs lost” (there is a 0 below it)> number of overs lost (PER INNINGS)> tick. Match will resume with a reduced number of overs per side.
  • If you do not do this all future DLS calculations will be incorrect.
  • Make a note of the revised maximum overs per bowler, cricHQ will not notify you after a weather delay.

If there is a match delay after the start

  • Press “action”> “add match delay”>”grounds” or “weather”.
  • After delay, press “resume match”>”overs lost” (there is a 0 below it)> number of overs lost (for the innings in progress)> tick.

Regularly check that the match is “live” on the internet.

  • Either check the internet yourself, ask someone else to do it (you may not need to ask, spectators love to try and catch you out!) or go into settings, uncheck “live scoring” which will upload the match to cricHQ, then recheck “live scoring” and carry on.

At the end of the innings, confirm upload, then start again after tea, checking that you are still live on the internet after moving from scorebox to tea room and back again.


At the end of the match, you must upload the result onto cricHQ. If the match is played to a conclusion, you will be prompted to do so. If the match is abandoned, go into “action”>”end match”

Check that the scorecard is on cricHQ (there may be a delay before it appears)

If you discover any errors, please look on the league website here to submit details so that they can be amended https://www.gtrmcrcricket.co.uk/pages/gmcl-rules-tab-post-match - please look at the Tab “Procedures – Scorecard Issues”

cricHQ Guide

cricHQ have prepared a pdf guide for scorers which you can download and save to your device

Find the link for the the cricHQ scoring guides for Apple and Android below:

There is a full video tutorial - learn to score - CLICK HERE


Understsanding DLS

Please see our web page here


cricHQ Scorecard Issues and Corrections

GMCL has a full page for dealing with issues arising HERE

  • Scorecard not uploaded
  • Player statistics not included in League cricHQ stats
  • League cricHQ stats include multiple records for the same person
  • Scorecard includes "Unsure" Players
  • Scorecard uploaded but there are errors


Dont forget to join the GMCL Scorers community

by e-mailing scorer@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk 

If you want to add anything to this page please e-mail!!!