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21st October 2017

There are some changes for the 2018 season.

If you have an old Laws of Cricket book you will need to update it.

There are still 42 laws but they have changed and shuffled round. The full new document is below.

These are the key changes for you as a scorer likely to affect you in GMCL games

  • Handled the Ball no longer exists as a separate dismissal - now part of Obstructing the Field
  • A wide is now deemed to have occurred when the bowler is in their delivery stride so covers everything that happens subsequently
  • All runs scored if a "runner" leaves their crease early will be disallowed in the same way as they would for "no shot" leg byes with the umpire signalling and returning batsman and non striker to their starting position

THE BIG ONE for you

  • If runs are scored from a No Ball delivery, they are to be recorded in the manner in which they were achieved (Runs, Byes or Leg Byes). Only the one penalty run for the No Ball will be recorded as No Ball extras. See appendix B of the summary changes document on how to record runs from a No Ball in a manual scorebook.

Document showing Summary of the Changes

The new Full Laws of Cricket 2017 Code 

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