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Notes on ECB Covid Guidance 28 Mar 2021

28 Mar 2021


ECB Covid 19 Guidance.

We have considered the guidance issued yesterday by the ECB and these notes are not intended to replace that guidance in anyway but to highlight some key points for our clubs.


Clubs should have received from the ECB & from the League the latest guidance on the reintroduction of outside cricket activity from the 29th March 2021. GMCL have received a number of questions from clubs and we are happy to provide a summary of our response to specific issues.


Please be aware that the Guidance issued by the ECB on 26 March and the following information relates to the situation from the 29th March to the 12th April, unless otherwise stated. April 12 is the scheduled date for the Governments Roadmap Stage 2 to be introduced, which may differ from this guidance (Stage 1B).


What size of group can we have and what child supervision and coaching ratios should we aim for at practice sessions? 

  • The Government have not stipulated any restrictions on group sizes however organised cricket and supervised children’s cricket can only take place outdoors in safe numbers subject to a venue and activity COVID risk assessment for each activity.
  • Each venue and activity provider will have a different amount of outdoor space and resource.
  • The safe number of participants should be determined by the venue risk assessment and the venue must be able to demonstrate that social distancing can be maintained between participants (except in the limited circumstances during competitive play - only as approved). Your participants should feel safe when participating in cricket activity.
  • Where your risk assessment determines that reduced participant numbers are required due to space restrictions for example, you must reduce the number of participants accordingly and make this clear on your risk assessment.
  • Please also review and action the ratios for coaching at different age groups all set out within the guidance.

Do we need to use every other net for outdoor practice?

  • No, in most cases every net can be used subject to maintenance and regular Health and Safety checks.
  • However, activity providers in cricket nets should assess how social distancing can be maintained in the net facility and limit the number of participants accordingly in accordance with the risk assessment for the event.

Record Keeping 

  • Clubs are required to keep a record of all attendees at every event at the ground and every game.
  • This is to support NHS Test & Trace Good to add


  • Spectators are not permitted in any indoor or outdoor cricket facility at Step 1B (29 March to 12 April) as stated on the UK Government Roadmap.
  • From the 12th April spectators must socially distance, also provide contact details and observe legal gathering size limits (Currently this is Rule of 6 or two households)

Changing Rooms

  • From 29th March changing rooms and showers must remain closed.
  • Players must arrive changed and leave changed. 

Toilet Facilities 

  • Toilets can open for restricted use (toilet and hand washing, first aid, safeguarding or COVID isolation)


  • We have been advised by several clubs that they have been contacted by the police or councils already with notices that they will be visiting clubhouses and grounds to ensure compliance therefore we recommend that records of attendees and risk assessments are maintained for all events at the ground (including ground work where more than one person is in attendance)
  • This is also likely to cover the requirement that people are sat at tables – no standing.


Again to reiterate, we will receive further and probably amended guidance for regulations from April 12 and we will issue further guidance when that is supplied.


Rule adjustments for COVID restrictions

We are looking to publish our provisional Covid rules in the next week but there are some rules that will be unlikely to change and they are

  • Hygiene Breaks every 6 overs and
  • no shared drinks,
  • but the key to all this is that the game must be played with social distancing at all times (excluding keeper and slip rules) and that means that there should be no wicket celebration hugs / hand shakes / fist bumps nor post match handshakes or fist bumps -  this is not the professional game as seen on TV, our teams are not in bubbles. 

28 Mar 2021