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Greater Manchester Cricket League

Founded 2016

March 2020

14. Fixtures & Cancellations

14.1.    Fixture Dates

   14.1.1.    Saturday Fixtures    All Saturday League fixtures and all cup fixtures shall be played on the dates arranged by the Board.    No alteration to these fixtures shall be allowed, unless approved by the Board for exceptional circumstances. 

   14.1.2.    Other Fixtures    The League will sanction the re-arrangement of a Sunday league or Sunday cup fixture if that fixture clashes with a Lancashire Cup, or National Knockout Competition, when a member club reaches the semi or final of the Lancashire Cup or the National semi or final of that Competition.    In rounds, other than those above, the League will not object to Sunday league or cup fixtures being re-arranged if both clubs agree, on the understanding that the fixture can only be re-arranged once,    For league fixtures played on a Sunday for the Saturday Competition (only 3rd XIs playing in the Saturday competition), the wishes of clubs shall be taken into consideration when fixtures are compiled, however, clubs will be expected to fulfil the fixture on the due date, unless The Board agrees that the fixture can be rearranged.

14.2.    Fixture Publication

   14.2.1.    Fixtures will be published by the AGM    Unless changes to the division structure are required in the event of new teams or new clubs joining the League    In which case an extra month’s preparation may be required.

   14.2.2.    Late changes to fixtures    The League reserves the right to change fixtures or divisional placements where there are late team withdrawals or changes at clubs affecting the level at which they can play    The League will act appropriately as regards any action to be taken against the clubs involved.

14.3.    Loss of Ground

   14.3.1.    If the home club does not own a ground    and such club is refused the use of the ground and a fixture is therefore prevented from taking place, the home club must notify in writing the opposing club, to the League e-mail account ( and the umpire's association ( of the cancellation and the proposed revised date for the match to be played. This must be advised within 24 hours of being made aware of the unavailability.    If the clubs cannot agree a revised date the Board shall determine a revised date for the match and their decision shall be binding on both clubs. 

   14.3.2.    Own ground unavailability    Membership of the League requires that your ground is available for all your fixtured games, but should there be an emergency that prevents any fixture going ahead then you should contact the League immediately with details and expected length of time that the ground will be out of action.

   14.3.3.    Communications    In any communication to other clubs and the League, it is the issuing club’s responsibility to ensure that a reply is received from all parties confirming that the change is agreed.

14.4.    Fixture Forfeit

   14.4.1.    Cancellation notification    Any cancellation of a match must have prior approval of the Board.    clubs failing to provide notification and to fulfil fixtures shall:    be reported to the Board by the non-offending club and    incur the penalties below

   14.4.2.    Fine    If the game is forfeited on or before the Wednesday preceding the game a fine of £25.00 will be incurred,    this will increase incrementally from Thursday to Saturday, by £25.00 per day. e.g. a club cancelling a match on a Saturday will be fined £100.00.    If the offending club’s fixture is an away fixture, the away club will also be liable for the home club’s expenses who must submit a claim for expenses actually incurred, including umpire fees paid out (up to a maximum of £50.00), scorer’s fees paid out (up to a maximum of £25.00) and cost of teas paid out (up to a maximum of £40.00*) but NOT for loss of bar or gate takings.    *a claim for teas can only be submitted if the game is cancelled after noon on Friday and must be accompanied by valid receipts for the expense incurred.

   14.4.3.    Additional Sanctions for Forfeiting Matches

In addition to the fines for forfeited matches outlined in Rule 4.4.2 there shall be the following additional consequences for forfeiting matches (unless the Board resolves otherwise and in particular in the Sunday competition the Board reserves the right to permit a pre-agreed forfeiture in exceptional circumstances where it has not proved possible to rearrange the game)-    Forfeit of a league match - on each occasion, for a club with one senior team in the League, it shall incur a 10 point penalty. For a club with 2 or more senior teams in the League, there will be an aggregate of 10 points penalty, all allocated against the club’s most senior team if that team is the team forfeiting the match, or otherwise as to 5 points penalty against the team forfeiting and 5 points penalty against that club’s most senior team.    Multiple forfeiture - in addition to the fines and points penalties for each game forfeited, if a particular team at a club forfeits 3 or more League games in a season:
       * this is unacceptable for the competition and shows a lack of respect to opponents
       * the recommendation from the Board is that that team will be demoted at the end of the season, and senior club officials must make representations to the Board to avoid this.    - Forfeiture on Match Day - this is totally unacceptable unless there are exceptional circumstances (which does not include insufficient players). Without any reasonable  excuse, forfeiture on match day shows a total lack of organisation and preparation at the club and a lack of respect for opponents and the competition. 

In addition to the fines and points penalties, if required by the Board, the 2 most senior club officials and captain will be asked to attend a hearing with representatives of the the Board to explain the club’s behaviour and provide a list of and reasons for all players unavailable and state what measures have been put in place to avoid this happening in the future.    Forfeiture of a GMCL Cup Match (this does not apply to any GMCL20 Match) - for any cup match forfeited, the relevant team at the club shall -   incur the fine set out in Rule 4.4.2, plus a further £100 (payable to the non-forfeiting club) if the forfeiture is of an away game on match day   be banned from any GMCL cup competition relevant to that team for the next 2 seasons

   14.4.4.    Points Awarded    If a fixture is not played due to the fault of one of the clubs, the non-offending club shall be awarded 5 points, but no bonus point. The match shall be treated as an outright win for the non-offending club.


Notifying Fixture Change or Cancellation - follow the procedure below 

Change or Cancel Fixture

If you need to notify a GMCL fixture cancellation please follow the procedures detailed below

Please note that penalties may arise for late notification and we cannot guarantee that the umpires can be stopped from travelling. Games should not be cancelled within 2 hours of the start time,



Please send an e-mail to the following AND AND the e-mail contact of your opponents

If we do not receive this notification the game may not be available to score on your new match day. Please give us at least 48 hours notice

Copy the following text to the body of your e-mail and complete the details

Please change the following fixture date


Full Division name …………………………………….

Scheduled Date of Match …………………………….

Home Team ………………………………. Away Team ……………………………….

New Date of Match ……………………...


Revised Start Time ……………………...


(Your name and club)




Please send an e-mail and copy in all of the following; 


For GMCL20 fixtures also copy in

The umpires reps will record this for the umpires and the league will record the change on the schedule

Please head your e-mail



Your e-mail should read: (please copy and paste and complete the details)

COMPETITION AND DIVISION of the game : ………………………………...


HOME TEAM: ……………………………. AWAY TEAM:.....................................................


The venue for this fixture has changed to _________________________________


The revised date for this fixture will be _______________ and we have agreed this with our opponents


This fixture has been cancelled and the game awarded to _______________


And (for all options)

The reason for this is ____________________________________


Your name

Your club

Your position at the club



If you need contact details for an opponent please e-mail


You will receive e-mail confirmation from the league when changes are noted. If you do not receive confirmation it is your responsibility to ensure all parties are aware of the change so please follow up.


Cancellations on the match day should only be for weather and be approved by the rain panel or umpires attending at the scheduled time otherwise costs and fines may be incurred. 

There are fines for non fulfillment of fixtures