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The New Balance Greater Manchester Cricket League | Est 2016 | an accredited ECB Premier League




GMCL Guidance

Attached are two key documents which can be used  as guidance on player eligibility at all levels and an aide for frequently asked questions .

Eligibility Guidance

The Eligibility Rules presuppose that a player is properly registered, is not the subject of any playing ban, meets the ECB age requirements for playing open age cricket, in GMCL20 has not played for any other GMCL club in GMCL20 in the season, in GMCL cups has not played for any other GMCL club in a GMCL Cup this season. If any of the above criteria are not correct, the player (whatever age) is INELIGIBLE.

Key guidance for new clubs and aide memoire for all

This document has been produced to assist new clubs in GMCL in navigating the 2024 season but is also useful as an aide memoire to established clubs. These Notes are intended as a reminder only, clubs should always consider the full rules to aid their decision making. Also see full A-Z of guidance here

The slides from the captain's meetings are also available for review here