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The New Balance Greater Manchester Cricket League | Est 2016 | an accredited ECB Premier League





GMCL Rules Tabs - A1 - The Competition




This section of the rules describes the league set up and structure


Competition, Management & Structure


This section of the rules describes how the league is managed and organised


Reviewed and Updated March 2023



The Competition Summary


Competition Name

The competition shall be named The Greater Manchester Cricket League ("The League" or "GMCL")


Management of The Competition
(enquiries to secretary@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk)

Greater Manchester Cricket League Ltd

The Competition, and the format, structure and numbers of participating clubs in each tournament within the League, falls under the management of the Board of Directors (“The Board”) of The Greater Manchester Cricket League Ltd (“The Company”),who may from time to time delegate such areas of responsibility to The Executive (“The Exec”) as the Board determines.

The Company is limited by guarantee, registered with Companies House and created for the sole purpose of running The Greater Manchester Cricket League for the benefit of all its members, its participating clubs.

All decisions regarding the interpretation and implementation of the rules lie with the Board and the Exec.

GMCL - The Board

The Board will be engaged in accordance with the Articles of Association of the Company.

All Directors are volunteers giving their time for the benefit of the League and the member clubs.

The Board can appoint new Directors when considered appropriate to do so.

The Board will welcome volunteers wishing to join the Board from within the member clubs to take on required duties in accordance with the Articles of Association of the Company.

The Board can engage experts and make payment for specialist skills in specific areas where it is deemed necessary.

GMCL - The Executive

The Executive is charged with managing and organising the day to day running of the GMCL cricket competitions and activity. The extent of its remit will be determined by the Board from time to time. References to the Exec taking decisions under these Rules is subject to the ongoing delegation of such matters to the Exec from time to time and the Board reserves the right to change or return any such delegated matter to the Board from time to time

The Executive will be led by a Director with other Directors and officers deemed necessary to carry out the functions of the body.

The Executive can appoint new officers when considered appropriate to do so.

The Executive will be responsible for the Club to League Memorandum of Understanding or any replacement of this, Grounds & Facilities, Discipline, Competition Structure & Fixtures amongst the range of duties.

Communication with the Board & League Functions

There are a number of lines of communication with The Board available:

The main e-mail addresses are listed on our website https://www.gtrmcrcricket.co.uk/pages/contact-us-new

The league central e-mail of enquiries@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk can be contacted at any time

Formal Communication with the league for legal or official business only should be sent to secretary@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk

Feedback & Suggestions

The Board will seek opinion and proposals from all members when considered appropriate to support the decision-making process.

The Board have a feedback and suggestions page on the website https://www.gtrmcrcricket.co.uk/pages/feedback-suggestions this is available 24/7 365.

Sponsor Agreements

The Board shall add sponsors’ and partners’ names to the competition and the tournaments within the League, as such agreements arise.

Updated March 2023




Membership of the League


Club Annual Registration
(enquiries to webadmin@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk)

All clubs must register all their teams annually

Registration is required for all teams from Under 9 through to seniors and for all competitions available.

Clubs may enter all their teams or selected teams in our competition and clubs can change the teams entered from year to year

Clubs may retain teams in other league competitions

By entering a team or teams, clubs (whose most senior team will play in the GMCL) are deemed to have applied to be members of the Company

All clubs must provide basic contact information to the league each year.

to provide accurate and up to date contact details for selected officials and

to provide the full address, postcode and directions to their home ground for the season ahead.


Club to League Memorandum of Understanding
(enquiries to ExecLead@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk)

All clubs must provide the following commitments, in writing, each year through our memorandum of understanding (MOU).

To confirm, where participating in the Saturday competition, that any designated home ground will be available every Saturday with no more than two exceptions per club for long standing / traditional events, which must be advised with the registration. There can be no change to Saturday dates available after October 31st.

to confirm that the club has enough players, eligible to play all games in the applicant team’s relevant divisions.

to confirm that the club will not forfeit any matches apart from in exceptional circumstances upon application to the Board.

to confirm that the club will provide a “club umpire” when required.

to confirm that all their players are fully aware of the disciplinary regulations and

to confirm that the club officials will work with the league to reduce the number of disciplinary incidents and be the first part of the procedure when dealing with disciplinary reports.

to confirm that the club will play the game as it was intended to be played with respect for the competition and respect for your opponents and officials at all times in the spirit of cricket.

to confirm that the club is aware of league rules and how to review them on the website at www.gtrmcrcricket.co.uk/pages/gmcl-rules-menu


Clubs: Cost of Membership
(enquiries mailto:finance@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk )

Membership subscriptions

Club payments due to the league are reviewed annually, the subscription for “the current season” is nil,

Lancashire Cricket Foundation (LCF) fees from clubs

The fees are set by the LCF annually which are based on each club’s level of participation in cricket and GMCL are required to collect these fees from clubs and send 100% of the fees collected to the LCF.

The Annual Dinner

The league requires mandatory purchase of a small number of Annual Presentation event tickets, the number to be decided annually by the Board, driven by the costs of hosting such event(s)

New Club Deposits on Registration

Returnable deposits may be required from new clubs joining GMCL, see "Joining the League"


Any club with amounts of £100 or more owing to the League from previous seasons shall if not paid by the 1st Saturday of the season commence the next season with 10 penalty points allocated to each of its teams


Mandatory Match Balls
(enquiries to ExecLead@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk)

Clubs must use GMCL approved match balls in all GMCL matches

GMCL requires all teams to purchase league stamped balls from our partner ball supplier.

GMCL Match Balls - Ordering and Payment

Payment details will be sent to the clubs by the ball supplier upon submission of the order to them. Payment must be made before delivery and the balls will be shipped by courier to your selected address.

Orders must be placed annually on the order form on the GMCL website

If you have any questions please mail finance@gtrmcrcricket.co.uk

Where invoices remain outstanding a points penalty will apply to all teams from any club still owing. 

Mandatory Match Ball Standard by Division or Cup

Saturday Divisions in the Premier Divisions and the Championship Divisions (down to and including Division 3)

Match to commence with NEW Windsor Ball

Spare Ball must be a Used Windsor Ball

Saturday Divisions in the Regional Divisions and all Sunday Divisions

Match to commence with a NEW or used Windsor Ball, a NEW Hampton Ball or a NEW St James Ball

Spare Ball must be a Used Windsor Ball, Used Hampton Ball or Used St James Ball

Derek Kay 1st XI Cup, Championship 1st XI Cup & GMCL20

Match to commence with NEW PINK Windsor Ball

Spare ball must be a used Pink Windsor Ball (Updated for 2023)

1st XI League Cup and 2nd XI Cups

Match to commence with NEW Windsor Ball

Spare Ball must be a Used Windsor Ball

3rd XI, 4th XI & 5th XI in cups

Match to commence with a NEW Windsor Ball, a NEW Hampton Ball or a NEW St James Ball

Spare Ball must be a Used Windsor Ball, Used Hampton Ball or Used St James Ball

Reviewed and Updated March 2023


GMCL & cricHQ


cricHQ is the GMCL’s partner for player registration and match scoring
(enquiries cricHQhelp@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk)

Players must register annually on cricHQ

Players must pay any annual fee required at the time of the registration on cricHQ before their first game in a season.

The registration creates a player record on cricHQ for scorers to add players to team squads at the club

The player details registered must include full name and initials and date of birth and, for anyone playing in any of our open age competitions, a passport style photo of head and shoulders which allows identification of the player by other persons.  Should additional data be required at registration then registrants would be notified of the purpose.

In advance of the annual registration the Board will list the benefits and services provided to all persons registering which will include full access to live scores and videos on the cricHQ app when registered on the app with the same e-mail as your GMCL registration e-mail, plus any other products offered.

Each club must have one or more cricHQ administrators (“cricHQ admin”)

Each Administrator is responsible for verifying that all the club’s players are registered on cricHQ and managing the allocation of the club’s players to the teams at the club and adding scorers to the club’s cricHQ profile

Any current club administrator can add another club administrator, member or scorer into the roles

If this is not possible, the club chair or secretary, as previously notified to us, must e-mail cricHQhelp@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk in an e-mail headed “cricHQ new administrator needed” and state the name of the club, name of the person wishing to be an administrator and their e-mail address and signed off with the sender’s name and position at the club system for scoring our matches

Scorers must register on the cricHQ scoring app for each match

Once registered by the club as an official scorer for a team on cricHQ, this access allows them to enter the player from the club into the team squads and automatically gives the scorer access to score the team’s matches on the cricHQ app (using the same e-mail login).

cricHQ functions

The system links registered players to the players selected for a match and this updates the statistics for each player and club.

The match video (where camera in operation) and ball by ball commentary on the game is visible to all users of the cricHQ app on the internet at cricHQ.com, on the GMCL youtube channel and on the live scorecard.

Access to live scorecards and any match video is provided free to all GMCL registered players as part of the registration fee when logging on to the app with their e-mail used to register on cricHQ