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Greater Manchester Cricket League

Founded 2016

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GMCL Rules - Sec A - The Competition

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rules as at Oct 2020

This section of the rules describes the league set up and how you can take part

1 Competition, Membership & Structure

This section of the rules describes how the league is managed and organised

1.1.The Competition Summary

1.1.1.Competition Name competition shall be named “The Greater Manchester Cricket League” competition shall be referred to throughout the document as “the League” or “GMCL”

1.1.2.Management of The Competition Manchester Cricket League Ltd (“The Company”) a company limited by guarantee, registered with Companies House, created for the sole purpose of running The Greater Manchester Cricket League for the benefit of all its participating clubs. Competition, and the format, structure and numbers of participating clubs in each tournament within, falls under the management of the Board of Directors (“the Board”) of The Company Board of Directors volunteers giving their time for the benefit of the League. appoint new Directors when considered appropriate to do so. engage experts and make payment for specialist skills in specific areas where it is deemed necessary. be engaged in accordance with the Articles of Association of the Company welcome volunteers wishing to join the Board from within the member clubs to take on required duties in accordance with the Articles of Association of the Company. decisions regarding the interpretation and implementation of the rules lie with the Board Officials engagement with the Board following lines of communication are available: Board member has a portfolio of clubs to act as first contact should issues or questions arise. The list of contacts is on the league website here Board have a feedback and suggestions page on the website this is available 24/7 365. league central e-mail of can be contacted at any time contact e-mails are available here Board will also seek opinion and proposals from all members when considered appropriate to support the decision-making process. Board shall add sponsors names to the competition and the tournaments within, as such agreements arise.

1.2. GMCL Competitions

1.2.1.GMCL Season Dates are the season dates for the seasons ahead dates shown are the 22 Saturdays required for the Saturday Fixtures – 18 April 2020 to 12 September 2020 – 17 April 2021 to 11 September 2021 – 23 April 2022 to 17 September 2022 – 22 April 2023 to 16 September 2023 – 20 April 2024 to 14 September 2024 – 19 April 2025 to 13 September 2025


1.2.1.Number of competitions competitions well as the tournaments listed in this section the league will seek to add tournaments as appropriate to support national and county board development initiatives suggestions for additional tournaments or competitions are welcome, please submit to


1.2.2.League Competition - Open Age League Cricket, overview GMCL Saturday competition will contain multiple tiers with one or more divisions providing promotion and relegation throughout. above the lowest tier will be constructed with a minimum of 12 teams wherever possible and team will play all other teams in the division Home and Away wherever possible. GMCL Sunday competition will be made of two separate structures will contain several divisions and structure will provide promotion and relegation throughout. second will be regionalised with no promotion or relegation and have fewer games Leagues - Annual Amendments & Reviews Saturday and Sunday League structure will be reviewed annually by the Board to consider any movement of clubs in the region into or out of GMCL and changes in the number of teams from within clubs already registered to take part in the GMCL.


1.2.3.Cup Competitions - Open Age Cup Cricket, overview Cups Overview Board or any Sub Committee set up by the Board shall have power to adjudicate in all disputed matters in the Cup competitions, and their decision shall be final. matches shall be played under the revised M.C.C. Laws of Cricket and League Match Bye-Laws, unless stated in these Rules. will organise multiple Cup competitions will be one or more Sunday Cups which are open to all Third XIs and Fourth XIs playing in the Sunday League. Second XI teams playing on Saturday or Sunday who wish to take part in the cup competitions shall play in the Second XI Cups. number of First XI cup competitions will vary (as determined by the Board to take account of changing numbers of First XIs from time to time) with the aim of limiting the number of Sunday games for first teams but also providing clubs at all levels with the real opportunity of winning a trophy against clubs of a similar standard but aims to provide, as a minimum, the following highest placed First XI teams shall compete for “The Derek Kay Cup”. (number dependent on Lancs KO teams requiring a bye in the first round of this cup) next 32 Saturday First XI teams shall compete for “The 1st XI Championship Cup” remaining Saturday First XI teams and any First XI teams playing in the Sunday League shall compete for “The 1st XI League Cup”. into Cup Competitions into the appropriate 1st XI competitions shall be compulsory for all Saturday 1st XI teams. competing in the 2nd XI Saturday competition & Sunday Competition can choose not to play in Cup competitions


1.2.4.GMCL20 - 20 over tournament, overview GMCL20 shall be under the control of the Board - Competition Structure number of competitions and their format will be reviewed annually based on the number of entrants structure will be set to provide pool games to maximise the number of home games for each club number of pools will determine how the knockout rounds will be determined final four teams will play on a single final’s day, featuring two semi-finals and a final.


1.2.5.Fixture Publication ( ) will be published after the club registrations deadline aim is to publish all Saturday fixtures within a month of the final registration date, October 31st may be delayed where changes to the division structure are required in the event of multiple new teams or new clubs joining the League at the deadline date, in which case up to an extra month’s preparation may be required. fixtures will be shared with clubs upon completion via a text searchable pdf and fixture upload to the scoring app will follow in the new year League reserves the right to change fixtures or divisional placements can happen where there are unavoidable late team withdrawals or changes at clubs affecting the level at which they can play.


1.2.6.Junior Competitions overview ( ) league will organise and manage junior cricket tournaments Junior Leagues, with multi team match nights for Under 9s Junior Leagues and Cups for Under 11, 13, 15 & 17 number of teams entering the junior competitions changes year on year the Junior sub-committee will determine the structure of competitions in each age group following receipt of the entry forms prior to each season

1.3.Membership of the League

1.3.1.Club Registration (enquiries clubs to register all teams annually covers Under 9 through to senior competition. may enter all their teams or selected teams in our competition and can change the teams entered from year to year may retain teams in other league competitions clubs playing in the League must provide basic contact information to the league each year. provide accurate and up to date contact details for selected officials and provide the full address, postcode and directions to their home ground for the season ahead.


1.3.2.Club to League Memorandum of Understanding (enquiries clubs playing in the League must provide the following commitments, in writing, each year through our memorandum of understanding (MOU). confirm, where participating in the Saturday competition, that any designated home ground will be available every Saturday with no more than two exceptions per club for long standing / traditional events, which must be advised with the registration. There can be no change to Saturday dates available after October 31st. confirm that the club has enough players, eligible to play all games in the applicant team’s relevant divisions confirm that the club will not forfeit any matches apart from in exceptional circumstances upon application to the Board confirm that the club will provide a “club umpire” when required. confirm that all their players are fully aware of the disciplinary regulations and confirm that the club officials will work with the league to reduce the number of disciplinary incidents and be the first part of the procedure when dealing with disciplinary reports. confirm that the club will play the game as it was intended to be played with respect for the competition and respect for your opponents and officials at all times


1.3.3.Clubs: Cost of Membership (enquiries ) subscriptions to the league are reviewed annually club subscription for “the current season” is nil, League collects the Lancashire Cricket Foundation (LCF) fees from clubs fees are set by the LCF annually fees are based on each club’s level of participation in cricket send 100% of the fees collected to the LCF. Annual Dinner league requires mandatory purchase of a small number of Annual Presentation Dinner tickets, the number to be decided annually by the Board deposits may be required from new clubs joining GMCL.


1.3.4.Mandatory Match Balls require all teams to use league stamped balls from our partner ball supplier. Match Balls - Ordering and Payment must be placed annually on the order form on the GMCL website of the cost is due before distribution, 50% is due at May 31st issues over payment should be referred to the Board as soon as problems are identified and no later than the start of the season. Please mail payments will attract a supplementary cost and delivery charges and invoices remain outstanding a points penalty will apply to all teams from any club still owing.


1.4.1.cricHQ is the GMCL’s partner for player registration and match scoring must register annually on cricHQ before the season or before their first game in a season creates a player record on cricHQ player details registered must include name, of Birth, for anyone playing in any of our open age competitions, a passport style photo with any other requirements as may be needed from time to time to enable the league to carry out its stated role. on cricHQ is mandatory registration must be accompanied by any payment required at the time of registration advance of the annual registration the Board will list the benefits and services provided to all registering will include access to the cricHQ app to view all scorecards and stats in GMCL and games around the world. club must have one or more cricHQ administrators (“cricHQ admin”) Administrator is responsible for that all the club’s players are registered on cricHQ and the allocation of the club’s players to the teams at the club and scorers to the club’s cricHQ profile add an administrator or scorer current club administrator can add another club member into the roles this is not possible, the club chairman or secretary, as previously notified to us, must e-mail in an e-mail headed “cricHQ new administrator needed” and state the name of the club, name of the person wishing to be an administrator and their e-mail address and signed off with the sender’s name and position at the club system for scoring our matches register on the cricHQ scoring app for each match registered by the club as an official scorer for a team automatically gives the scorer access to the team’s matches and them to enter the players from the club for any match for the team them to score any match for that team system links registered players to the players selected for a match the stats for the match to the team’s record and the player’s record match and ball by ball commentary on the game is visible to all users of the cricHQ app to this is provided free to all GMCL registered players as part of the registration fee.