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GMCL Rules Tabs - C6 - The Players

GMCL Rules - Reviewed & Updated February 2024




C (a)

This section of the rules covers all matters relating to the players in the league including ECB Categories, Amateur or Professional Status, Starred Players and player eligibility for GMCL competitions.


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Reviewed and Updated Feb 2024




Paid Players and Amateurs in GMCL (Player Status)


Player Status defined by Home Office & ECB regulations
(enquiries to webadmin@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk)


Player Status – Why is this important?

Player Status - As a professional league GMCL must comply with all UK regulations
(This section updated Winter 23/24)

The Home Office & ECB have published terms to apply equally to UK residents and players from Overseas, to be known as "qualifying" and "non-qualifying" players

Player Status - ensures all competition is equal across the country

because the status of a player may limit the GMCL, County or National competitions that the player can compete in


Player Status – Making a Decision

Player Status - It is a club’s responsibility to correctly allocate a player type
(This section updated Winter 23/24)

The club must base their decision on all relevant latest information and these rules

The facts determine the status

Attempts to alter facts or statements in order to meet eligibility criteria will result in bans or restrictions on the player and club,

Any decision made may be challenged by opponents, the Board, the Executive, the ECB or the Home Office, so appropriate records must be kept including those required under Employment Law.


Player Status - Definition of “Paid” or “Professional” player

Player Status - GMCL Definition of a “paid” player

This is a player who receives or expects to receive a reward, monetary or otherwise, in relation to cricket activity as a representative of or on behalf of a club or for playing for a team

from the club or from any business, sponsor or individual

at any time, before, during or after the season

Player Status - The Home Office definition of a “Professional” Sportsperson

is someone, whether “paid” or “unpaid”, who: -

is providing services as a sportsperson, playing or coaching in any capacity, at a professional or semi-professional level of sport

or is a person who currently derives, who has in the past derived or seeks in the future to derive, a living from playing or coaching and

is providing services as a sportsperson or coach at any level of sport, unless they are doing so as an “Amateur”

Player Status - “Unpaid” players can still be defined as “Professionals”

This is clear. Even if you do not pay a player, they can be considered as a professional from their past career or for what they wish to be in the future.

Player Status - A “paid” player is deemed to be a “professional player” in all references within these rules.


Definition of an “Amateur” player

The Home Office definition of an “Amateur”

This is a person who engages in a sport or creative activity solely for personal enjoyment and

who has not previously, does not now and is not seeking to derive a wage or living from the activity.

A person playing or coaching in a “Professional” charity game where there is no personal gain can still be considered an amateur player where there are no other indicators of being a professional player.


GMCL Policy on “Paid” or “Professional” players

GMCL is an “open league”
(This section updated Winter 23/24)

A club can use multiple paid or professional players in their 1st XI dependent on Player Categories referred to below but

there is no mandatory requirement on any club at any level to have one or more “paid” players, except in the final 4 league games of the season where any club having a Named Professional, must employ a deputy should that Named Professional be unavailable in the circumstances provided in Rule 8.2.4

Paid or Professional Players - Legal requirements

Clubs are wholly responsible for all legal costs

This includes Visa fees to the Home Office and Tax and National Insurance contributions to HMRC in respect of all payments to players.

Paid or Professional Players – Restrictions on Appointment

No League club named professional shall be engaged (or approached with a view to engagement) by another League club for the following season before 1st August without the consent of that player’s present club. Penalty £100.00.

Clubs aware of an illegal approach must e-mail enquiries@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk  with professionals@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk copied in marked CONFIDENTIAL with appropriate details.


Reviewed and Updated Feb 2024



ECB Player Categories

7 (a)

This section of the rules covers how the ECB has standardised groups of players across the country and how they can participate in the league

7 (b)

This page covers:-

7 (c)

Reasoning for using ECB Categories

7 (d)

Category 1 – Qualified Player, living in England or Wales

7 (e)

Category 3 – Not Qualified - not normally living in England or Wales


GMCL Use ECB Standard Player Categories
(enquiries to webadmin@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk)


ECB Player Categories - Reasoning for Categories

ECB categories standardise the descriptions of players across the country

Players are required to use this standard at registration with the league and on cricHQ

The clubs may be asked to verify the category selected for any player by the league or ECB as detailed below.


ECB Player Categories - Category 1 – "Qualified" player

Category 1 - Player Status

Category 1 includes “paid”, “professional” or “amateur” players

Category 1 criteria as issued by the ECB from April 2021 are

British Citizenship and born in England/Wales, OR 210 days residence in the 12 months up to 1st April prior to the season of registration AND,

Not played as a local player in professional international or domestic cricket in a Full Member country in the 12 months up to 1st April prior to the season of registration..

Category 1 players in GMCL

“Paid” or “Professional” Category 1 players can only play for a Saturday 1st XI in League, Cup or GMCL20

“Amateur” Category 1 players can play in any GMCL team, dependent on age qualification

There is no limit on the number of Category 1 players at a club

Category 1 players - Verification

Clubs should obtain copies of documents  to verify citizenship, birth and ordinary residence to verify eligibility and may be required to submit these to the league, ECB or Home Office.


ECB Player Categories - Category 2 –category no longer used


ECB Player Categories - Category 3 – "Not Qualified player"

Category 3 - Player Status

This category covers “paid”, “professional” and “amateur” players who are "not Qualified” as a Level 1 player

Players in this category are often referred to as an “Overseas” player

Category 3 - ECB guidance should always be followed
(This section updated Winter 23/24)

ECB guidance can be found https://www.ecb.co.uk/governance/regulations/governing-body-endorsement/

GMCL are required to submit records of all Category 3 player registrations to the ECB during the season.

Clubs should be aware that registrations can be challenged by the ECB on Cat 1 / Cat 3 status and on professional / amateur status and if you take unverified advice from a player agency or other third party this will not exempt the club from the consequences of an incorrect registration.

Category 3 players in GMCL
(This section updated Winter 23/24)

Category 3 players are limited as to the teams they can play for in GMCL competition.

A club may only have one “Paid” or “Professional” player from Category 3

GMCL allows a maximum of one Category 3 player in a team.

At First XI level (Saturday League, Cup or GMCL20) this can be one Category 3 Professional or one Category 3 Amateur player .

At Second XI level (Saturday League, Cup or GMCL20) this can be one Category 3 Amateur player if they meet all other eligibility criteria.

Category 3 - Player Verification

Online cricket records are likely to verify a Category 3 player.

Category 3 - Documents

(This section updated Winter 23/24)

“Passport” & “Visa” are documents which allow a person to enter and be in the UK legally, they are not determining factors in a player’s eligibility status.

A UK Passport does not mean the holder is a “Qualifying Player” and does not qualify a person as resident in the UK.

A Visa from the Home Office

There are a range of visas available for activity in the UK, and

professionals require a different visa to amateurs.

There are several visa types that allow amateur players to play cricket and there are a number that do not.

See Home Office overview here - https://resources.ecb.co.uk/ecb/document/2021/09/01/97da36b1-c77f-46ad-b34f-d76cfb1dc583/Visa-Overview-from-October-2021.pdf

Category 3 - Sponsorship and Governing Body Endorsement

Category 3 Professionals will require ECB Governing Body Endorsement,

There is more ECB guidance on Governing Body Endorsement here including a Step by Step guide. https://www.ecb.co.uk/governance/regulations/governing-body-endorsement/

Category 3 - Advice & Decision Making

Clubs should ensure they are acquainted with the latest rules before engaging a Category 3 or "overseas" player, but

Clubs should be aware that the Home Office rules will likely change year on year and not necessarily in line with the time at which you are looking to engage a player

The Executive will ensure that any advice supplied to us from the governing body is shared with clubs through the registered club contacts.

The Home Office is the arbiter and they should be contacted with any challenges.

The ECB or GMCL are not registered to give advice on immigration.

Information on aspects of immigration policy and law can be found on the Home Office website,

ECB can answer questions by e-mail to managedmigration@ecb.co.uk

GMCL can provide guidance based on the full facts submitted by e-mail to professionals@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk but cannot make any rulings.


ECB Player Categories - Category 3 Exempt – this category is no longer used

Reviewed and Updated Feb 2024



GMCL Player Groups & Restrictions


Named Professional Player
(enquiries to professionals@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk)


Why do we have Named Professionals?

Named Professionals reasoning
(This section updated Winter 23/24)

Most leagues have regulations regarding a class of player called Named Professional which relates to a player at the club who is paid. We are an open league where clubs can pay a number of players who can play at 1st team level only on Saturdays 


Selecting a “Named Professional”

Named Professionals – who can be a “Named Professional”?
(This section updated Winter 23/24)

a club may nominate only one player as a “Named Professional” and

Where a club has a “paid” or “professional” Category 3 player that player must be their “Named Professional”.

Where a club has no paid "non-qualifying" player but has one or more “paid” or “professional” players, the club must nominate one of those players as a “Named Professional”.

Named Professionals – “Named Professional” or deputy professional in another league in the season in question

A player who has been a “Named Professional” or deputy professional in another league in the season in question can only transfer to a GMCL club if the player  becomes the GMCL club’s only “Named Professional”.

and the player cannot transfer to a GMCL club if the GMCL club already has a “Named Professional”.

Named Professionals – Multiple Clubs

No player registered as a “Named Professional” shall be allowed to play for more than one club in any GMCL Competition during the season

Only GMCL Named Professionals can be a substitute or a deputy professional in another League.


Registering the “Named Professional”

Three Part Process

The “Named Professional” must be registered on the League’s Google Form https://www.gtrmcrcricket.co.uk/pages/transfers irrespective of whether they were the club's professional in the preceding year.

before the player’s first game and no later than 31st May.

The “Named Professional” must be registered on cricHQ for the year and the £10 fee paid

The club’s cricHQ administrator must add the player to the club’s 1st XI and relevant GMCL20 team

When the Named Professional is registered on cricHQ then a club administrator must add “(Pro)” after the player's surname.

Named Professional’s contract

A signed copy of the Named Professional’s contract (only redactingfinancial details)

must be lodged with the League prior to the start of the season by sending via e-mail to professionals@gtrmcrcricket.co.uk

This must come from a club lead contact who will remain the contact for any communications regarding the professional.


Substitute or Deputy for the “Named Professional”
(enquiries to professionals@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk)


Club eligibility for a substitute / deputy professional

“Named Professional” fails to arrive for the start of the season.

A substitute will be considered upon application but

If the player has not arrived and is not available for selection by the 4th scheduled set of league fixtures of the season the club involved will NOT be allowed to engage a deputy professional AFTER that date, until such time that the “Named Professional” arrives, or a permanent replacement is engaged.

“Named Professional” falls seriously ill or is injured during the season

A substitute will be considered upon application (accompanied by a medical professional’s report confirming the player has been seen by them and is unable for medical reasons to play cricket and an estimate of the period of layoff) but

the “Named Professional” must be in the UK at the time of the application, 

and must be available for examination as the Board see fit unless the medical professional’s report confirms that it would be reasonable for the named professional to return home given the length of anticipated recovery time and/or the nature of the injury/illness concerned A medical professional for these purposes is a person who is legally permitted to certify fit notes.

“Named Professional” is called up for duties in the player’s home country
(This section updated Winter 23/24)

A substitute will only be considered upon application

in the event of a “Named Professional” being unable to fulfil contractual obligations within GMCL for the club holding the player’s registration as a player by reason of having been required to represent their Country or their County equivalent (at any time in the season)

provided that the Club in question obtains and delivers to the League confirmation in writing from the appropriate Board of Control, County Board (or other like Authority),that the Named Professional was so required to represent the Country and/or County (or equivalent) (and the time period therefore) (“the Confirmation”) and that as a result of such requirement the named Professional would be unable to perform those contractual obligations (and “represent” for these purposes means attending training camps, coaching or playing in any matches)

A Deputy professional will NOT be allowed for any reason if
(This section updated Winter 23/24)

a signed copy of the Named Professional’s contract (only redacting financial details) has NOT been lodged with the League via email to professionals@gtrmcrcricket.co.uk nor for (but not limited to these circumstances): -

A named professional travelling away for personal or family events of any nature

Any contracted absence

A UK county contracted player (including minor counties) called up to the county


Player eligibility to be Deputy Professional

A Deputy Professional must

Be a professional player from outside the league.

Be a professional player of equal standing

Not have played at a standard higher than the standard played by the player being replaced in the last 5 years

For example, a former county player cannot replace a player who only played at second XI county level and a current test player cannot replace a professional who last played Test Cricket over 5 years ago.

Players NOT eligible (but not limited to)

Amateur players from within the GMCL

Amateur players from other leagues

Paid or Professional players playing at another GMCL club


Substitute or Deputy Professional - Application Process

Deputy Professional applications must contain

The reason for the request and

details of the timing of any injury / illness with medical reports and

must be submitted in the fullest detail

including how the player may be contacted at the time of the application.

Deputy Professional applications.

(This section updated Winter 23/24)

Must be made to the league on the "Sub Pro request form" which will automatically submit an e-mail to professionals@gtrmcrcricket.co.uk, headed “URGENT – Deputy Professional XXXXX CC '' for the league's immediate attention.

by 8pm on a Thursday before the Saturday or Sunday games

this cutoff time will not apply in respect of injury/illness after that time but before the match concerned provided retrospective medical certification is obtained

but if this is not obtained in accordance with Rule or is not received by professionals@gtrmcrcricket.co.uk by 5pm of the Wednesday following the match then the deputy professional appointed shall be deemed to have been an ineligible player for the match in question.

application on the form must be repeated for each weekend the deputy is required, even if the same player is used unless advance notice is given.

Deputy Professional application form requires the following
(This section updated Winter 23/24)

Full name of the named professional who needs to be replaced

Full explanation surrounding the request, reason, injury details, when occurred, length of expected layoff and medical opinion sought, or the Confirmation if Rule applies.

full name of the proposed replacement

proposed replacement's current club

Highest standard played by this player in last 5 years

Current club has given permission (where applicable)

Name of person at players home club giving permission

Status of player – Category 1 or Category 3

and in the case of Category 3, the type of visa held

The Board's representative will respond to the sender of the application and update the data on the deputy professionals section of the website 


Integrity of appointments (This section NEW Winter 23/24)

We must have a level playing field across the whole season.

It is important for all clubs in a division where there are named professionals that there is integrity in respect of the application of the deputy professional rules and this is particularly so towards the end of the season when clubs are challenging for promotion/attempting to avoid relegation.

With this in mind, in any of the last four league games of a season, if a club is legitimately entitled to a deputy professional under the illness/injury rule or return to home club/country rule, then in such matches that club MUST engage a deputy professional.

However, if a game in the last four games is a Dead Rubber then neither team is  obliged to engage a deputy professional if they would otherwise have been obliged to under Rule

A Dead Rubber game is one where, on the application of either club involved in the game, the League gives authorisation that the game is a Dead Rubber, namely that the game concerned will not (as a mathematical certainty or as near to a mathematical certainty as the League considers acting reasonably)

affect the promotion or relegation prospects or title winning prospects of the 2 clubs involved or any other club in the division; nor

affect any club’s position in the table if the position in the table affects that club’s entry or non entry into any other competition (eg the LCF Cup)

If there is any reasonable doubt as to whether a game is to be considered as a Dead Rubber then the game will NOT be declared a Dead Rubber and the League’s determination on the issue of Dead Rubbers shall be final and binding and not appealable.

The sanction for failure is set out in the Penalties Appendix




Reviewed and Updated Feb 2024



Restrictions on Players in GMCL
(enquiries to webadmin@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk)


Banned or Suspended Players

Bans or suspensions imposed by GMCL, other Leagues or ECB

No player shall play in any match under the auspices of GMCL who is currently suspended from playing cricket by either the ECB, LCF, GMCL or any other cricket league or equivalent body.


Age Restrictions

Club’s Duty of Care for young players

In allowing any junior players to play in Open Age Cricket

It is essential that Clubs and Coaches recognise the “Duty of Care” obligations towards their young players.

Junior player’s safety and protection must be utmost in club officials’ and captain’s thinking

School Year 6 (under 11) and below

Players from School Year 6 or below may not compete in GMCL Open Age Cricket

School Year 7 (under 12)

Players from School Year 7 must meet the following criteria

the player must be selected in a County U12 squad in Spring or a Summer squad for that season which is deemed by ECB Performance Managers to be of a standard above “District Level” (or its equivalent from time to time) are eligible to play Open Age Cricket and

the player must be at least 11 years old on 1st September preceding the season and

the player must have written parental or guardian consent to play, lodged with their club.

School Year 8 (under 13)

Players in School Year 8 must have explicit written consent from a parent or guardian lodged with their club before participating in Open Age matches.

Clubs must ensure that their player registration procedures ensure that consent is obtained.

The ECB guidance relating to changing and showering must be adhered to.

School Year 9 (under 14) and above

All players in School Year 9 (under 14) and above may play unhindered in GMCL Open Competition where it is considered safe for them to do so.

Players Under 19 and below may face restrictions in their role in a game.

Detailed Guidance can be found in the ECB document in our Junior Documents page of the GMCL website.

For GMCL junior competition

All players must be amateur players who must meet the age group criteria,

Age group concessions may be granted as determined by the junior committee upon application.


Starred Players

Overview of Starred Player system

GMCL have a Starred Player system to prevent the best players from playing at 2nd XI, 3rd XI & 4th XI level and below

Clubs are required to identify their best players pre-season and mid-season and maintain their lists to ensure a fair competition.

The full Starred Player rules are under Player Qualification for GMCL League and Cup Competitions


Player Shortages
(enquiries to webadmin@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk)


Loan Players

Loan Player – Why do we have Loan Players?

GMCL have introduced the Loan Player rule to give competitive cricket to more players

This allows players not selected at their own club to help another club fulfil a league fixture where they are shorthanded and so not spoil a game for those players who are available and supports the ECB’s “Get the Game On” policy.

Loan Player - When can Loan Players be used?

Where a club knows in advance that it may have a shortage of players for a League fixture

it may apply to the league to use loan players from other local GMCL clubs.

All teams in Divisions 4 and below and the Sunday competition are allowed to take loan players for League matches.

Loan players cannot be used in cup or GMCL20 matches

Loan Player - Player Eligibility

The player loaned must be a registered GMCL player but

No starred player may be loaned, this includes Junior Exempt Players that are starred and

players may not play against their parent club

For a Saturday match,

players must not have been selected for their own club’s equivalent games on that day and choose to play on loan

Where a Saturday team has no game on a particular day,

players cannot be loaned when they have played in 2 of the last 3 matches in which that player was available for selection.

For a Sunday match,

players not selected for their own club’s game that day who did not play in the Saturday teams for their home club on the preceding day.

Loan Player - Arrangements 

(This section updated Winter 23/24)

The league makes no arrangements for loans to take place.

Clubs should

Complete the loan request form on the GMCL website, with sufficient time to ensure full arrangements can be completed by 8pm on the Thursday prior to the fixture for which they will have player shortage

ensure they have written agreement of the club holding the player’s registration to the arrangement.


When all is agreed and approved, GMCL will add a player record to the team on cricHQ to be used on matchday.

Any player who plays as a loan player may only play one game per weekend

Reviewed and Updated Feb 2024



Player Registrations


Player – Club Registrations


GMCL Club Registration

All players must, irrespective of age, be registered with a club

As a bone fide, fully paid up member of any club that they represent

Or as a registered professional or Category 3 player of the club, or

Or be on temporary loan to that club through agreed procedures.


Multiple Club Registrations

No player may be registered with a club or play for that club where registered for more than one club in open age competition in any league in any season unless

there has been an agreed transfer between clubs during the season and all debts at the previous club are settled and all bans served or

there is an agreed temporary loan in place between GMCL clubs in accordance with GMCL rules

the player is a club’s named professional and the player plays as a deputy professional in another league on a day when the GMCL club holding the player’s registration does not have a first team league, first team cup or GMCL20 game

e.g. A player registered at Club A who does not get a game, cannot turn out for Club B or vice-versa unless the loan procedures can come into play.


Multiple Competitions

No player registered in another league can play open age cricket for a GMCL team in any season unless

They are playing for the same club in both competitions i.e. a club from another league playing in GMCL Sunday competition

there has been an agreed transfer between clubs during the season and all debts at the previous club are settled and all bans served or

the player is playing in a GMCL game as a deputy professional approved by the GMCL Board

eg A player playing at Club A in a Saturday League outside GMCL may not play for Club B in GMCL Sunday Competition or vice versa


Player – Registration with the League


Players registering with a new GMCL club

Player Registration -The Google form must be completed by the player joining a new club

(This section updated Winter 23/24)

for the following

Any player over 13 new to club cricket or

Any player rejoining after a 3-year spell away from the game who will play for an open age team at the club

Any player registering as a club “Named Professional” for the season

Any player playing as a Deputy Professional for a GMCL club in the season

Any player registering as an Category 3 Amateur player for the season

Any player transferring from inside or outside the league to a GMCL club with less than 3 years between clubs – also see “Player transfer requirements” below

The details required on this form are sufficient to meet ECB requirements on registration of Category 3 players and may be used for verification purposes.

Player Registration - Deadline dates

All players must be fully registered with the league (registration form & cricHQ) before playing in any GMCL game

All Named Professionals and Category 3 players cannot register after 31st May in the season

All players who have played any open age first class or list A cricket in any country in the 3 years prior to the 31st May in the season in question cannot register after 31st May in the season in question.

For all other players the registration deadline is 31st July in the season.

Player Transfer requirements 

(This section updated Winter 23/24)

The League operates a two-stage paperless transfer system

The GMCL transfer system must be driven by the player

A Google form must be completed by the player, this is on the GMCL website https://www.gtrmcrcricket.co.uk/pages/transfers

Deliberately incorrect or misleading/false statements will result in a penalty as set out in the Penalties Appendix

There is no time limit to the league receiving information in respect of false details given at registration.

The player must then request that their contact at the old club e-mails the league on players@GtrMcrCricket.co.uk (E-mail Subject Header should be “New Player Transfer: add player Name”)

to state that there are no objections to the transfer from that club and

to state that there are no outstanding liabilities and no bans currently in place.

Player Transfer clearance to play for new club

All approved transfers will be shown on the league website, this list updated in real time, as entries are submitted

When this is done, the transfer is confirmed and the player may play for their new club

If the transfer is between GMCL clubs, the GMCL administrator will transfer the player record on cricHQ, (cricHQhelp@gtrmcrcricket.co.uk)

There is no requirement to miss any games following a transfer provided the above procedures are followed and clearance is granted.


Players new to GMCL - cricHQ registration

All players must be registered on cricHQ,

All players new to GMCL must register on cricHQ and fees paid before they can play in GMCL competition

Registration procedures are shown on the league website

Failure to register on cricHQ and incorrect registrations

Players not registered by the first game or having unpaid fees will not be able to play until properly registered.

It is the club’s cricHQ admin’s responsibility to ensure all their players are registered on cricHQ

and registered in accordance with laid down procedures particularly for transfers and Category 3 players

failure to do so will result in a fine of £50.00 in each case per game to be paid by the club.


Adding new players to cricHQ Team Squads
(enquiries to cricHQhelp@gtrmcrcricket.co.uk)

After a player has registered for the club,

the club's cricHQ admin must ensure that the player is allocated to all the club’s squads (age groups, 1st XI, 2nd XI etc) for whom they may play.


Player Leaving your club
(enquiries to cricHQhelp@gtrmcrcricket.co.uk)

Please do not delete any records on cricHQ.

The player record should be archived at your club,

The club’s cricHQ admin should find the player on the club’s player list and click on the …•••..and any new club will pick up the cricHQ record when needed

Reviewed and Updated Feb 2024




Player Qualification for GMCL League & Cup Competitions

10 (a)

This section of the rules helps you determine the players that are available for each team


GMCL League and Cup Competitions - Summary Notes


Appropriate Players & Eligibility - Summary

Clubs are reminded that all GMCL League & Cup competitions are meant to be for the appropriate players at their club

The First XI competitions are for the best players you have available and

attempts to play higher grade players in lower teams without valid reason will be frowned upon and penalties considered after consideration by the Board / Executive.

Only players meeting the registration requirements as set out in these full rules regarding players shall be eligible to play in the League and Cup Competitions.

(This section updated Winter 23/24)

Paid players, Professionals and Category 3  players are only eligible to play at First XI level in GMCL League & Cup Competitions except that Category 3 amateur players are eligible to play in 

  • 2nd XI Saturday league matches
  • in 2nd XI cups and 
  • in 2nd XI GMCL20 

if all other eligibility criteria met

Starred player rules apply to GMCL League and Cup Competitions

Loan players are not allowed in GMCL Cup & GMCL20 competitions.

The exemptions for Junior Exempt Players apply to league games, cup games & GMCL20 games

No player shall be allowed to play for more than one club in GMCL Cup Competitions in the same season - “Cup-Tied”

This includes players who have transferred between GMCL clubs who played in a GMCL cup at their original club but

Players transferring in from outside GMCL are eligible for GMCL Cup Competitions.

For the purpose of these rules relating to the Cup, reference to “the same round” refers to Round of 32, Round of 16, Round of 8 etc,

i.e.the maximum number of teams remaining in each competition at the start of the round.


Exceptions & Disputes on Eligibility- Summary

Before the match

If any club feels that there should be an exception to these rules, in advance of the game, there are full procedures below

It is the responsibility of clubs to select eligible and appropriate players

Umpires do not give rulings on eligibility on match day and should not be asked to.

After a match

any club may object to any player used by any team, see below

the Board, on consideration of the official scorecard, umpire’s reports, and captain’s reports may object to any player used by any team, see below

The Board or delegated Sub-Committee have the power to deal with any breach of these eligibility rules as they deem necessary including, without limitation, disciplining the captain of an offending club.


GMCL First XI League & Cup Match Eligibility


First XI Restrictions on Selection

All players registered at a club are eligible to play for the club’s First XI in League and Cup competitions with the following exceptions

Any player currently banned or otherwise deemed ineligible within these rules must not play for the First XI.

Players must meet the minimum Age Restriction for GMCL Open Age competition

First XI - There are additional restrictions for League competition.

First XIs playing in the Sunday League may use only Category 1 players.

First XIs playing in the Saturday competition are limited to 1 Category 3 player

First XI - There are additional restrictions for the cup

In the Cup, matches in the same round on different days

No player, having played for the Second XI in the Cup shall be allowed to play for the First XI in the same round of the cup competition (and vice-versa).

In the Cup from the quarter final (“last 8” / “Round of 8”) onwards,

By the date of the match in question the following player types must have played in at least four matches (league or cup but not GMCL20) for the team concerned in the current season.

all Category 3 players

all players who have played any open age first class or List A cricket in any country in the 3 years prior to 31st May in the season in question.

This rule does not apply to a deputy/substitute professional properly appointed

Any reference to a match in this rule shall not count a match in which there is no play.


Starred Players - Managing restrictions and fair competition below First XI cricket


Starred Players - Second XI, Third XI & Fourth XI Restrictions on Selection (enquiries to webadmin@gtrmcrcricket.co.uk)

Starred Player system in GMCL relates to League & Cup matches

There are restrictions around who can and cannot play for Second XI, Third XI, Fourth XI and below in GMCL League and Cup Competitions and these rules are below

These rules must be operated by all clubs with an open age team in GMCL competition irrespective of how many of those teams play in GMCL or where the club’s senior teams play.

The ‘Starred Player” system is not in place to equalise the Sunday competition across clubs of different standards, clubs must still develop and improve their players

The starred players list is for all registered players at a club and should include all juniors where they meet the criteria

The ‘Starred Player” system is designed to

be the most straightforward system available to provide a fairer and more even competition in GMCL at all grades below 1st XI.

prevent the absolute best players at a club from playing at Second XI at any stage of the season in cup or league games and

prevent all First XI players and the best Second XI players from playing Third XI and Fourth XI cricket (and below) in cup or league games, but

allow those who play Second XI but do not bat and bowl regularly to play at Third XI and Fourth XI level (and below) and

encourage clubs to register more players and play more juniors across the levels.

Deciding on the club’s starred players

(This section refreshed (but not changed) Winter 23/24)

All clubs with two or more teams, irrespective of the league competitions where their open age teams play, must complete List A.

List A players are not allowed to play for any team lower than the First XI at any time

List A (minimum 5 names) must include

all players in receipt of any payment in cash or kind in respect of cricket made by the club or any associated person, business or sponsor and

all players deemed to be “professional”

all Category 3 players and then,

If the number of players from those three segments is less than 5 then the club must add the best players (based on performance) at the club to make the list up to 5.

All clubs with three or more teams, irrespective of the leagues where their teams play, must also complete List B.

List B players are not allowed to play for any team lower than the Second XI at any time.

List B must be made up of the next best players at the club not listed on List A

to make the total of List A + List B equal to 16 players.

This list is reduced to 8 players where a club’s 1st team plays in Division 3 or below.

Restrictions to the Lists A and B

Players can only be placed on the starred players list when they are available to play, for example

a player who is available only from July can only be on the list from July

a banned player cannot be on a starred player list for the period of their ban

Players can only be placed on the starred player list if they are available for selection on a regular basis for all teams at the club and play more games than not.

Any club found to be deliberately listing unavailable players or not listing players in order to strengthen the 3rd, 4th XI or below will attract a penalty from the Board.


Procedure for recording the club’s starred players

Starred player lists must be notified to the League before the beginning of each season

Further notes and the form for creating and updating your List A and List B can be found here - https://www.gtrmcrcricket.co.uk/pages/starred-players

the list of your starred players will be published on the league website

All starred players must be acceptable to the GMCL Board before players play for any lower team

The list is open to challenge by the Leagues compliance team or opponents

Every club should review their list of starred players regularly to make changes as they happen,

(This section updated Winter 23/24)

any amendment must be submitted on the same form, re-listing all your starred players.

Any revision will be checked for eligibility.

In addition, at 30th June each year,