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D (a)This section of the rules covers everything about our umpires
12.Umpires in GMCL
12 (a)This section of the rules covers how our umpires operate, club umpire requirements and fees

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reviewed Jun 2022



Umpire Appointments


The management and appointment of umpires in GMCL

Greater Manchester Cricket League Umpires Association (GMCLUA) manages and appoints all umpires independent of the GMCL Board


GMCL Umpire appointments by Division

The GMCLUA will appoint Umpires as follows, where numbers of available umpires allow

Saturday Competition

Two umpires for all games in Premier League, Premier 2, Championship and Division 1 and

Two umpires for all games in Division 2, except those featuring a Second XI, where a club umpire must be supplied for each second XI playing in a game

In Division 3 and Division 4 any club that has both a First XI and Second XI in Division 3 or Division 4 a League Appointed Umpire will be allocated to one of those games. (subject to a minimum of 60 Umpires being available on the relevant Saturday).

Sunday Competition

Two umpires to each game in the Sunday Competition

GMCL Cup games & GMCL20

Two umpires to each game in the Cup and GMCL20

Matches requiring umpires appointed by the club

All matches where a Second XI plays in Saturday Division 2 will require a club umpire for each Second XI in the match

All matches in Saturday Divisions 3 and 4 will require a club umpire for each team except those referred to above where a First and Second XI from the same club play in Divisions 3 or 4. Rule

Club Umpires may be required in the Sunday Division if insufficient league umpires are available

The team having a GMCLUA appointed umpire in these circumstances will be notified of the appointment by GMCLUA



Reviewed Jun 2022



Club Umpire Requirements in GMCL

A club umpire must

either be a qualified umpire or undergo the Introduction to Umpiring course that will be organised and paid for by the GMCL Board and

they must also be DBS cleared,

It is the club’s responsibility

to ensure the club umpire has a valid DBS and

to arrange a suitable fee with their club umpire for each match.

If a club cannot find a suitable umpire, then

they can apply to the GMCLUA for an umpire to be appointed, but this must be on a week to week basis. In order to apply for a GMCL Umpire:

The club must complete an online form that can be found on the GMCL website. Emails and phone calls will not be accepted.

The form must be submitted by 8 p.m. on the Thursday preceding the match.

The GMCLUA will appoint an umpire, where possible, and notify the club on Thursday night with the name of the umpire.

The club will pay the umpire the standard fee as set by GMCL.




Reviewed Jun 2022




Where Club Umpires are not present at the start of the match

To ensure that at least one umpire is present at a game,

Where one or both clubs do not have a club umpire available we would expect both clubs to have spoken to each other after the Thursday evening deadline of seeking League Panel umpires should there be no available Umpires to officiate,

Should neither club have a club umpire available,

The clubs are to make arrangements between themselves to ensure the game takes place

In these circumstances, players will have to play their part and umpire the game to make sure it takes place.

Matches should not be called off because of the lack of Umpires.




Reviewed Jun 2022




Umpire Fees


Umpire Fees Due in GMCL

The standard fees for League Appointed Umpires where there is any play

Saturday League Games - 50 overs - £50.00

Saturday League Games - 45 overs - £45.00

Sunday League Games - 40 overs - £40.00

Sunday Cup Games - 45 overs - £45.00

Sunday Cup Games - 40 overs - £40.00

GMCL20 Games - £30.00

The fees for Club Umpires

Each club using a club umpire should agree the fee they will pay their Club Umpire

Umpire Fees where Match Abandoned - No play without a ball bowled,

Premier, Premier 2, Championship, Divisions 1 & 2 and in all Cups £25.00,

All remaining Saturday Divisions & Sunday League £20.00

GMCL20 £15.00.

For Club Umpires each club to negotiate fee for abandoned games with their Umpire


Umpire Fees Payment in GMCL

The general rule is that each club bears one umpires’ fees for each game (home and away) whether in the league, cups or GMCL20 and shall pay this at or before the toss. This is subject to the following:

If there are 2 league appointed umpires attending then each club pays one umpire and if 2 league appointed umpires are appointed but  only one attends then the one attending is paid 1.5 X the divisional fee (paid as to half each by each team)

if there are 2 club umpires each team shall pay its own umpire

if 2 club umpires are due to attend and only one does then the breaching club shall pay the attending club’s umpire 1.5 X the relevant divisional fee

if a club umpire and a league appointed umpire attend then the team with the club umpire pays that umpire and the other team pay the league appointed umpire

if a club umpire and a league appointed umpire are due to attend and the league appointed umpire does not attend then the club umpire is paid 1.5 X the relevant divisional fee (paid as to half by each team)

if a club umpire and a league appointed umpire are due to attend and the club umpire does not attend then the breaching club pays the league appointed umpire 1.5 X the relevant divisional fee




Reviewed Jun 2022



Umpire Support


Club Umpires - Equity of Treatment

Club Umpires are to be afforded the same level of respect as League Appointed umpires at all times


Umpire Absent at short notice

Where one of the Umpires (League Appointed Umpire or Club Umpire) cannot attend for whatever reason,

A suitably responsible person can be appointed where there is agreement between the umpire and captains to stand at the Strikers End (Square Leg) or take a full part in the game where qualified or

Players from both sides will be expected to assist the one Umpire present by standing at the Strikers End (Square Leg). This player must be over 18 or over 16 if holding umpire qualifications.